Lambretta Service Centre was formed by my father Ian in 1959 and Incorporated in 1964 with a name change to Fullerton Motorcycles Ltd in 1971.

My father Ian, being a fully qualified engineer, brother Colin and myself Mike and mother Inez we went about running a motorcycle business, importing bikes from Russia and West Germany. Colin and myself served our time under dads direction both becoming qualified motorcycle mechanics.

I spent many years racing speedway in europe and nz after dad died in 1980 colin and i continued but with myself going away all the time, Colin decided to have a change in direction and closed the shop, a few years later he was taken in an accident, i went on and ended up working for Crosbie motorcycles which changed to red baron and spent 16yrs there as mechanic and service manager, on leaving there i decided to reopen FULLERTON MOTORCYCLES LTD (which i had kept current all the years gone by) in AUG 2012